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One of the easiest and most practical ways of generating content for your website is to ask clients to provide testimonials which you can ad to your website. Besides creating content this is practical as people often want to know if you have references . Having a client testimonial section on your website will show visitors to your website that you have been in business for a while and that your clients are happy. You can use public comments that people make on your Facebook page and copy it to your website. There is nothing wrong with asking your happy clients for a testimonial. (You can also use the same opportunity to prospect and ask your clients if they know of possible businesses which would be happy with the same services which you have provided.)

Small business owners often befriend their clients on Facebook. It is quick and easy to ask a happy client to quickly comment on your Facebook Page and to give you a testimonial. With their permission simply copy and paste their testimonials. Hopefully from time to time some people will out of their own accord write you a couresy email to say thank you or comment on your business Facebook page. Use those emails and comments as the material for the clients testimonials section on your website.

Link to an example on the website of Buddy Web Design:

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