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Please have a look at the links section on this website. You will notice that we have linked to places where you would find useful information which will be suitable for you, the typical Kwikwap client,to have a further look at. What useful information do you posses which you would like to share with the world? Do you think the information would be good enough that other people will point to your website or the specific page on your website?

Do you have good relationships with your larger more established customers or suppliers?

Are you perhaps in the tourism industry with other more established businesses in the same area? Typically in the tourism industry you will have Guest Houses , Restaurants, Pubs, Tour Operators and shops selling art or curios. Will it benefit your business if you would design and print brochures or business cards and leave them at those businesses?

Are there directories where your competition list their websites?

The reason these questions are being asked is the following:

It will benefit your website if you can have other websites link to your website. The more authoritive the website linking to your website the better.

It is important to realise that you will have to consider alternatives to being found on Google to market your business website initially.

Will you be proud of your website when asking the people to link to your website. (Will your website look good enough? Will your website have good information and be free of spelling and grammatical errors?)

Tip: If you are considering printing business cards or brochures and plan on leaving them at other businesses whom you associate with then consider using the time spend doing so to ask those businesses if they would put a link on their website to your website. But first have a website to be proud of so that they will want to link to your website.

The importance of links is explained in the video below at 1:36 :

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