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The Online Training Program is not meant to replace the Kwikwap Consultant. We use it as a tool to systematically assist you to master the Kwikwap Content Management System . We will assist with doing the more complex once off items on your behalf instead of spending time teaching you unneccesary things.

We will consider accomodating other Kwikwap Consultants who wishes to use the Online Training Program for training purposes. Anyone can share certain sections of the Online Training Program for the purpose of answering a clients question or for the purpose of explaining to a potential customer or sales representative how the system work.

We want you, our client to be successful . We need you do do well with your website and we need you to focus your efforts on creating a quality website with valuable content which is what will draw visitors to your website.

You need to give Google a reason to bring visitors to your website. You need to offer something new and unique if you are a start u business.

We will start the Online Training program with goalsetting and benchmarking. This will be done via our first Skype session.

You will need to install Skype on your computer so we are able to communicate effectively.

Your Kwikwap consultant will always remain an important part of your web development project. If possible we still prefer to visit you at your place of business and help you to easily manage your website to page 1 of Google.

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