Pretoria training - 17 May 2014

The following people registered, and arrived, for the training session on 17 May 2014:

Name Url Consultant Comments
Nick Pretorius Buddy Web Design To get my website finish - the areas "under construction"
Monique Natasha le Roux Google
Elizma Sullivan I Inspire Basics as mentioned in email
Cindy Jackson Peter M I need complete training for the whole site as the person who received the training left the company
Ophelia Richter Kwikwap I will attend this training session as a refresher and will then also do 1 on 1 training.
Kholofelo Kolanisi Ada Scheenloop  
Richard Daneel Kwikwap Agent    

It was a nice small group with and attendees had ample time to ask questions.

All clients were shown where to get hold of their Kwikwap consultants, who their consultants report to (Kwikwap License Holders) . We helped Kholofelo Kolanisi to ask for a new Kwikwap Consultant since the person who sold her a website is no longer full time involved with Kwikwap. In the process the feedback system of Kwikwap was covered where compliments, complaints and suggestions can be given.

Clients were advised to arrange for a follow up meeting with their respective Kwikwap consultants especially where they did not receive the original training from the Kwikwap consultant. It was explained that it is very difficult to give the same level of training in a group training session attended by 10 people.

Clients were shown where to find the Kwikwap Tutorial and the Kwikwap Introductory video.

This introductory video is particularly usefull :

Clients were also shown the introductory video on how Google search works after which the important basic elements of the video was discussed:

Amongs others the importance of using the right words were explained , especially in headings.

How links work was explained. (On Site / Off Site SEO) (White hat / black hat SEO)

The content editor and working wth tables and images were discussed.

Clients were shown the different divisions of the Kwikwap system. Clients were advised to make use of the inhouse revamp specialist, being and .

Google Places were introduced and clients advised to take the 5 minutes to register their businesses with Google Places.

Clients were shown how to do practical cheap benchmarking by studying the websites found on page 1 and 2 of Google for search terms they would like to be found for and to pay particular attention to the quality of the website text.

Clients were advised to make use of the free resources available on .

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