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1. SEO 2014 - Why a competitor with less quality content can still beat you

To understand the importance of Page Rank and the quality of back links to your website

1. SEO 2014 - How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

Matt Cutts discusses the importance of having a keyword in your domain name.

9. Links - How do you rate links from sites like Twitter and Facebook?

Matt Cuts discusses the rating of links from Social Media sites like twitter and highlight the problem of not being able to crawl Facebook as they would like to.

6. Kwikwap Help - Communicating with Kwikwap

Here is a tip to better communicate a problem you might experience with your Kwikwap Website system

7. Funnies - Melbourne SEO Services

A funny animated video explaining some important seo factors to consider in an entertaining way

2. Kwikwap How To's - Activating addons like faq

This will improve your websites ranking on search engines and is a good practical seo tip for busy small medium business owners. More similar tips and how to can be found on Remember to subscribe to our mailing list for useful information and tips related to your small business

8. Kwikwap Introduction - Online Tutorial

Short video pointing to the quick online tutorial so you can get familiar with the different sections of the Kwikwap Website

1. SEO 2014 - SEO Tutorials for beginners. What is SEO

David Murray is an Australian Based SEO Specialist and in this easy to follow introductory video you will find loads of information on SEO for free. That is if you have 54 minutes to spar. Well worth watching!

1. SEO 2014 - SEO For 2014 by Steve Shepard

Good video on SEO in 2014

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